About me

Hi ! my name is Akash Dilliwal. I am currently studying in Binghamton University, State University of New York. I am a graduate student and pursuing Computer Science major.

I am currently in my 3rd Semester of my master’s program and have completed 3 core subjects¬† Operating System, Programming Language and, Design and Analysis of Algorithm. I opted for elective courses that are Database System, Software Engineering and, Mobile, Smart Devices and Sensing. These courses gave the opportunity to learn about various technologies and helped in building new skills in field of computer science.

I also self taught myself about mobile application development using internet as resource and, learned Android and React Native for developing mobile apps.

Here are the links of my projects in Android:

  1. MarkKar
  2. Kites

My Git repository have more projects in full stack development using frameworks like Ruby on Rails and React Native.

I am currently looking for internship and full time position as a software engineer.